My name is Court Dunstan.

I'm a 24 year-old photographer, designer, and creative from Denver, Colorado. I specialize in portraiture and lifestyle photography, but there isn't anything I don't enjoy taking photos of. I picked up a camera about three years ago and instantly fell in love. While it was originally just a hobby of mine, I’ve been able to turn photography into a full-time job and I couldn't ask for anything more. During the last few years I’ve built up my client base doing everything that I can. Some of my clients include Urban Outfitters, Adidas Originals, Mike Smith Live, Kenneth Faried, and more.

Recently, I went on a nine-month long tour across the United States with my good friend and mentor, Mike Smith. Mike is a professional youth speaker that speaks at schools across the world about pursuing your passions and helping other people. After tour, I moved to Lincoln, Nebraska to continue working with Mike and his team, which is where I’m currently located.